Meet Cool Dad: Byron WIlson

Who are you and how long have you been “Daddyin’”?

My name is Byron Wilson, Ohio Native , Alabama A&M Normalite, Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. and Founder/Ceo of Lion's Den Beard Collection. I have been Daddyin' since 2004. 

So for everyone who isn’t familiar with Lions Den, can you tell us why you chose to start the brand? Also, what did it take to get the company off the ground?

I started Lion's Den Beard Collection due to the disappointments of purchasing dozens of beard oils/products that I just didn't like. From there the Lion's Den Beard Collection brand began. It took a ton of work, from sending out hundreds of emails, testing products, finding the best materials, packaging, and creating a concept that would create long term benefits for me and my family.

That's dope! As an entrepreneur, has the bug rubbed off on your children? Do you speak to them on the importance of having something to call their own?

The entrepreneur bug has definitely rubbed off on my son, he will have kids products coming soon! I definitely speak to them on the importance of having their own. During the pandemic, I think it not only taught me a valuable lesson but my kids as well. Having an employer can be temporary, but having your own can be a lifetime.

Aight! Little man is about to be a Boss!! So, what lessons has Fatherhood taught you? Additionally, how do you balance running a company and being a Daddy?

Fatherhood has taught me to always remember your kids are always watching. Keep your cool, be stern but fair, always be willing to listen, and create a lifestyle that prepares them so they can be the best version of themselves. Also you have to have some form of balance with family and business. The way that I create that balance is I use something called my "business bible." I write down my weekly schedule/events/goals prior to the week in my planner so I can plan accordingly and spend the proper time with my kids.

Brotha, I might have to steal that "business bible" idea. That's fire! What is the best piece of advice you have received concerning Fatherhood?

Fathers be the best FATHER you can be. Don't use trauma from your childhood or your parents to pass them to your kids. Be the change, be the positive change, and role model that your children need.

What does the term “Daddy” mean to you? 

What Daddy means to me is a Umbrella of things. From provider, protector, teacher, coach, therapist, security, and list of much more.

Can you describe the importance of Black Fathers being surrounded by other Black Fathers? 

It is very important for black fathers to be surrounded by other black fathers. From sharing parenting experiences, life lessons, questions from new fathers, and also giving wisdom to upcoming black fathers.

Ok, last question. What are the future plans for Lions Den Beard Collection? Is there anything else you would like for people to know about the brand? (include where they can follow you and the company).

I plan to continue to grow the brand and be sold globally in a variety of retail spaces, and supply chains. Definitely follow us on instagram @lionsdenbeardcollection and visit our website for our all natural men and ladies products. Lastly , Thanks to the founder of Daddyin' Since for highlighting us on your platform.


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